The Offer
  • Polski Tabor Szynowy offers the owned trains for sale or to lease on the terms agreed with potential Lessee.
  • Access to offered vehicles either in short or in long terms, according to the Lessee expectations;
  • Possibility to extend the offer with other rail vehicles like locomotives or electrical railway units.
  • Possibility to adapt the payment conditions to specific requirements of the Client.
  • Possibility to re-sale of the owned train.


  • Possibility to use train regardless previsions and possible future changes in the costs of  access to the infrastructure, pitch of passengers’ flow, structure of offered services, etc.;
  • Possibility of quick obtaining and use of new train without necessity of bearing significant costs;
  • Possibility to customise leasing fees with specific needs of the Carrier;
  • Decreasing costs of acquisition and use of train, resulted with competing cost of financing  and eliminating the needs to use train which is obsolescent and expensive to maintain.

Advantages for the Carrier

  • In case of lack of available financial means that would allow to purchase new train, the Carrier can still use modern vehicles that yield appropriate journey comfort to the passengers. Than the passengers will be prompted to take the offer of the  Carrier.
  • In case of satisfied and profitable co-operation there is a possibility to expand  the co-operation to e.g. new types of trains ( locomotives, electric railway units, units with traction engines);
  • After the expiry date of the leasing period the Carrier has the possibility to return the train to the lessor without the necessity to bear further exploitation costs.
  • Due to the acquire process in place, Polski Tabor Szynowy will gain shortly wide volume of the offered vehicles with competitive leasing terms.
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