Polski Tabor Szynowy (former FPW Invest) was established in July 2011 as a part of the Industrial Development Agency Capital Group.

The main goal of the Company is to manage the introduction of the modern train to the Polish passenger transportation network in a possible shortest time.

For to introduce the modern train, first of all passenger carriages meeting the contemporary expectations of railway’s Clients, the project of establishing the mechanism supporting and  initialising construction of carriages in Poland.



Polski Tabor Szynowy possess high experience in implementation of innovative investment projects. Our Clients represent first of all corporate investors, banks and other units involved in various development projects support.

Our offer is always customised and designed according to the Client requirements. Our service provides the Highest Quality Standard of business plan preparation and writing, as well as of independent supervisory of investment implementation. Our own dedicated mechanism, developed and designed in cooperation with knowledgeable and experienced experts enable us to offer the best class service.

Service provided by us is supported with new technologies in manufacturing processes. Polski Tabor Szynowy also possess practical experience in companies’ restructuring.

Our main goal is Customer’ satisfaction achievable by processes optimisation across the investment chain.

Services provided by us:

  • Project management on the Client’s behalf;
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation progress of investments;
  • Tracking and periodic reporting the progress on investments with root causes analysis of the delay in investments process;
  • Suggesting solutions that may stimulate performance and elevate the productivity of the investment process.

Executing tasks on the Client’s behalf we are supported by experience and knowledge, knowledge that we are continuously improving to provide the best class service. Our Clients, financial investors, are ensured that the task executed on their behalf are performed in line to agreements, on time and according to the Highest Quality Standards.


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